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Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Hair removal device BRI949

Cordless ease, personalized treatment with SenseIQ: Perfect for Hair Removal

Enjoy hassle-free, personalized treatment with the cordless version of our fastest Lumea IPL device. SenseIQ technology with smart attachments and guidance in the Lumea IPL app to give you long-lasting smooth skin.

Intelligent attachments designed for the best results

  • SmartSkin Sensor
  • 3 intelligent attachments: body, face, precision
  • Lumea IPL App
  • Both cordless and corded use

Expert IPL technology at home, developed with dermatologists

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Philips Lumea applies gentle pulses of light to the hair root, putting the follicle into a resting phase. As a consequence, the amount of hair your body grows gradually decreases. Repeating the treatment leaves your skin beautifully hair-free and touchably smooth. Treatment to prevent hair regrowth is safe and gentle, even in sensitive areas. Philips Lumea is clinically tested and developed with dermatologists for easy and effective treatment, from the comfort of your own home.

Proven safe and effective treatment for Hair Removal

Objective studies show up to 92% hair reduction in as little as 3 treatments**. The first 4 treatments must be carried out every 2 weeks, after which you should already be able to see the desired results. To maintain your results, simply touch up every 4 weeks. After just 8 touch-up treatments you can be hair-free for 6 months* To enlarge this picture, please click on the image in the image gallery at the top of this page.

Hair Removal Procedure Suitable for a wide variety of hair and skin types

Philips Lumea Prestige works effectively, easily, and safely on a wide variety of hair and skin types. It works on naturally dark blonde, brown, and black colored hairs and on skin tones from very white to dark brown. As with other IPL-based treatments, Philips Lumea cannot be used to treat white/grey, light blonde, or red hair and is not suitable for very dark skin. This is due to the high contrast between the pigment in hair color and the stain in the skin tone.

SenseIQ technology for personalized hair removal

Senses. Lumea’s SmartSkin sensor detects your skin tone and indicates the most comfortable light setting for you. Adapts. Intelligent attachments adapt programs tailored for each body area. Cares. Co-developed with dermatologists and inspired by you for gentle, long-lasting hair removal, even on sensitive areas***.

Intelligent attachments adapt programs for each body area

Your body is unique. And its skin, curves, and contours should be treated uniquely too. Lumea’s total-body attachments are shaped to fit every curve and will adapt programs tailored to each body area. Treatment windows are designed to maximize contact with your skin to ensure light doesn’t escape, enabling effective and gentle treatments even on delicate or sensitive areas.

Underarm attachment with curved-out design

Specially designed to treat hard-to-reach underarm areas, the intelligent underarm attachment is medium-sized with a 3 cm2 window. When the attachment is clicked on to the device it adapts a tailored program for your underarm area. 86% of women are satisfied with hair reduction on underarms****.

Bikini area attachment with extra light filter

Click on the intelligent bikini attachment and it will adapt a tailored program specifically for that area. It has an optimal 3 cm2 window with a transparent filter for extra comfort and the curved design compliments your body’s contours for maximum contact, efficiency, and comfort. 78% of women are satisfied with hair reduction in the bikini area****.

Body attachment with curved-in design

The intelligent body attachment has our largest treatment window at 4.1 cm2 so it’s perfect for a fast treatment on larger body areas like legs, arms, and stomach. The curved-in design closely follows your body’s contours for maximum skin contact. Click on the attachment it adapts a tailored program specifically for your body area. 83% of women are satisfied with hair reduction on legs****.

Precision face attachment with extra filter for Efficient Hair Removal

The face attachment has been thoughtfully designed to have a small, flat 2 cm2 window so you can effectively and gently treat hair on your face. Ideal for your upper lip, chin, or jawline, the attachment also has an extra filter integrated within. When added to the device, the intelligent attachment automatically adapts the light treatment for your face. 84% of women are satisfied with hair reduction on the face****.

Hair Removal With SmartSkin Sensor

Philips Lumea Prestige has 5 energy settings and makes it easy for you to choose one thanks to the SmartSkin sensor. The SmartSkin sensor indicates the most comfortable setting for women with skin tones similar to yours.

FREE Lumea App for a personal coach at your fingertips

The Lumea App is free to download and offers a unique and personalized IPL experience – just for you. It is your very own personal coach to ensure you are getting the most out of your Lumea and using it in the correct way to achieve long-lasting results. The App helps you create your personalized treatment schedule per body area, with tips and advice during each treatment. All you need to do is check the app regularly to make sure you are up to date with any notifications or reminders.

Special Beauty Edition including Satin Compact pen trimmer for Accurate Hair Removal

The on-the-go trimmer from Philips is a discreet beauty tool that makes it quick and easy to remove even the finest facial hairs.

No replacement parts, no hidden costs – Only Hair Removal

Philips Lumea is a complete solution that comes ready to work, straight out of the box. No refill cartridges or gels are needed.

Power: Voltage 100-240 V

Technical specifications: High-performance lamp – Delivers > 450,000 flashes

Philips Official website for the specifications of this model

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