Hermesetas Mini Sweeteners 300 Tablets 4.2g


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Maximum taste. 0 calories. Ideal for coffee, tea and hot beverages. Suitable for diabetics. Swiss made. Calorie-free table top sweetener based on saccharin Hermesetas mini sweeteners may be tiny but they give you all the sweetness you want in your t Hermesetas can help slimming or weight control only as part of a calorie controlled diet. UK residents only: Hermesetas is suitable for diabetics providing it fits into their normal daily allowance and consumption is not excessive.

  • Calorie-free table top sweetener based on Saccharin
  • 1 tablet sweetens as much as one teaspoon of sugar
  • Sweeteners have no effect on blood glucose or insulin secretion
  • Vegan, Gluten free and Kosher
  • Tooth friendly


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