Avon Care Floral Daydream Soothing Hand Cream – 75ml


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Product description

All you need to know:

Add a touch of spring into their everyday routine with our Floral Daydream Hand Cream. With a gorgeous jasmine scent and hydrating glycerine, this hand cream delivers 48-hour moisture, so your hands feel hydrated, replenished and softened.

Why you’ll love it:
• Infused with glycerine to help keep your hands soft & hydrated.
• Suitable for all skin types.
• Gorgeous floral scent.

How to use it: 
After washing and drying your hands, massage a coin-sized amount of the hand cream into your hands. Oof, they’ll feel sooo soft and supple after.

What’s in:
Soft, hydrated and gorgeous hands.

What’s out:
Dry, uncomfortable hands.


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