Advance Techniques Absolute Perfection BB Leave In Hair Treatment 150ml


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Avon recently added a new hair line to theirĀ Advance TechniquesĀ range. It’s calledĀ Absolute Perfection BB.
It’s suppose to haveĀ 10 benefits: nurture, protect, nourish, improve shine, fight against environment humidity, smooth, hydrate, tame curls, silk smoothness and make it easier to style.
It’s basically suppose to work as those BB creams for face in order to provide you with many hair benefits. We avoid t buy multi-functional products, because let’s be real…If there was one product that could do it all, we wouldn’t need to buy 6 product for our hair care. That’s the whole point of marketing, it tries to give you specific products, so that you need to buy more of them in order to achieve your desired result.


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